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UN Human Rights High Commissioner Condemns ‘Despicable’ Quran Desecrations  

MADRID (IQNA) – Volker Turk, the UN high commissioner for human rights, slammed recent incidents of Quran burning in Europe as despicable acts aimed at fomenting division.
Quran Desecration in Illinois Part of Hindutva-Inspired Islamophobia
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – An act of Quran desecration in the US state of Illinois that happened in summer but was recently posted on social media is allegedly part of a larger trend of Hindutva-inspired Islamophobia.
07:55 , 2023 Oct 04
Int’l Conference on Islamophobia Wraps Up as Prof. Urges Collective Action
TEHRAN (IQNA) – An international conference on Islamophobia wrapped up in Qatar as one of its organizers called for collective efforts to respond to growing Islamophobia and its “destructive” effects.
10:46 , 2023 Oct 02
Scholar Deplores India PM Modi’s Affiliation to Anti-Muslim RSS  
ISLAMABAD (IQNA) – A university scholar accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of genocide of Muslims in the country.
12:50 , 2023 Oct 03
Kansas: Muslim Worker Accuses Chipotle Manager of Removing Her Hijab
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – A federal agency has sued Chipotle claiming religious harassment on behalf of a Muslim former employee who alleges an assistant manager ripped off her hijab at a Kansas location.
09:39 , 2023 Oct 02
Recent Lawsuits Expose US Police Discrimination against Muslims
WASHINGTON, DC (IQNA) – Two separate lawsuits this week has revealed the hidden anti-Muslim bias in the US police force.
10:25 , 2023 Sep 30
Not Easy to Be A Muslim in India Today
NEW DELHI (IQNA) – Muslims in India face slurs daily in every walk of life, whether at school or the office, the street or social media, the police station or any other state institution; it’s all the same.
14:09 , 2023 Oct 01
BJP-Sponsored Meat Ban in India Seen as A Targeted Campaign against Muslims
NEW DELHI (IQNA) – The city of Mathura in India's Uttar Pradesh, which is known as the birthplace of the Hindu deity Krishna, is cleansing itself of its Muslim history and the meat ban sponsored by the Bharatiya Janata Party is one of the steps taken against Muslims.
15:06 , 2023 Sep 30
At Least 52 Killed as Pakistan Mosque Targeted with Suspected Suicide Attack
TEHRAN (IQNA) – The death toll from a suspected suicide bomb blast at a procession to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Pakistan’s Balochistan province has climbed to 52, officials and media reports say.
13:17 , 2023 Sep 29
2024 Olympics: IOC Says No Ban on Wearing Hijab at Athletes Village
PARIS (IQNA) – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says that participants in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games can wear hijabs or other religious or cultural attire in the Olympic Village, where they live and socialize during the event.
18:02 , 2023 Sep 29
Pakistan: Fresh Mosque Blast Kills Five, Injure A Dozen
ISLAMABAD (IQNA) – At least five people have been killed as Pakistan was hit with the second blast on a day.
16:29 , 2023 Sep 29
Man Faces Trial For Inciting Hatred Against Muslims By Burning Quran
STOCKHOLM (IQNA) – A 27-year-old man is accused of inciting hatred against Muslims by burning a copy of the Quran and leaving it outside a mosque in Linköping, Sweden, three years ago.
09:45 , 2023 Sep 29
Muslim Community In Belgium Appeals To ECHR Over Controversial Rules
BRUSSELS (IQNA) – A law in the Flemish region of Belgium that affects the Muslim community's freedom of religion and worship has been challenged by organizations representing them at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
09:53 , 2023 Sep 29