Iranian Calligraphy Artistry Showcased in Sarajevo

IQNA – The Iranian cultural mission in Sarajevo recently hosted an exhibition featuring the calligraphy works of Hassan Mohammadi, a renowned Iranian artist, along with Quranic works from several other artists.
Call for Submissions to 14th Intl. Festival of Razavi Book of Year
IQNA – The Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents of Imam Reza Shrine has called for submissions to the Fourteenth International Festival of Razavi Book of Year in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.
10:15 , 2024 May 31
Handwritten Quran with Persian Translation A Valuable Artistic Treasure of Muslim World
IQNA – The handwritten Quran bound in gazelle leather dating back to A.D. 1090, with exquisite calligraphy, is on display at a public library in Turkey’s Kutahya.
11:25 , 2024 Jun 05
ICRO Chief, Archbishop of Athens Stress Role of Faith Leaders in World Peace
IQNA – Head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) Hojat-ol-Islam Mohammad Mehdi Imanipour met with Patriarch Ieronymos II, the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, in Athens.
14:13 , 2024 Jun 02
Senior Lebanese Shia Scholar Ayatollah Ali Al-Kourani Passes Away
IQNA – Ayatollah Ali al-Kourani, a renowned Lebanese scholar in the history of Shiism, passed away on Saturday, May 19.
11:30 , 2024 May 19
Paris Conference on ‘Islam, Freedom and Tolerance’ Slated for May 28
IQNA – The French capital of Paris is slated to play host to an international conference on “Islam and Ways for Freedom and Tolerance” this week.
17:16 , 2024 May 27
Old Copies of Quran on Display at Kazan Museum
IQNA – A series of old copies of the Holy Quran and Islamic works has been put on show at the Museum of Kazan in the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.
10:51 , 2024 May 26
ICRO Remembers Ayatollah Raisi’s Support for Cultural Diplomacy
IQNA – The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) said Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who was martyred in chopper crash on Sunday, tirelessly support the field of culture and cultural diplomacy.
12:20 , 2024 May 20
Iran to Appoint Cultural Envoy to Gaza
IQNA – The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said Iran will soon appoint a cultural envoy to the Gaza Strip.
14:51 , 2024 May 19
Opportunity to Write Mus’haf A Divine Blessing: Syrian Calligrapher
IQNA – Syrian calligrapher Ubaidah Muhammad Salih Al-Banki described having the opportunity to calligraphy a Mus’haf as a divine blessing and a great source of honor.
22:20 , 2024 May 16
Imam Reza’s Life Can Be A Model for All, Shia Cleric Says
IQNA – A Shia cleric and preacher in Britain says Muslims there love teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (AS).
20:11 , 2024 May 18
100 Calligraphers Write Surah Al-Fil in Protest at Israeli Genocide in Gaza
IQNA – During a workshop held at an arts exhibition underway in Tehran a large number of calligraphers wrote Surah Al-Fil of the Holy Quran.
13:41 , 2024 May 17
‘Fresh and Novel’: Publisher Stresses Shahnameh's Contemporary Resonance
IQNA – A publisher that has offered the complete translation of Shahnameh in Spanish for the first time says the masterpiece written by Ferdowsi is appealing to a contemporary audience.
13:37 , 2024 May 14