Birmingham Community Invited to Partake in Transcribing Quran Manuscript

IQNA – Residents of Birmingham are being called upon to participate in the creation of a new Quran manuscript, an initiative that will engage people with the Islamic holy book's verses.
Halal Exhibition in Philippines Aims to Promote Muslim-Friendly Tourism
IQNA – The Halal Tourism and Trade Expo, SALAAM, was launched in the Philippines on Friday, June 14
23:06 , 2024 Jun 15
Massachusetts Survey to Track Bullying among Muslim Youth  
IQNA – A survey has been lunched to monitor the bullying of Muslim youth in public schools in the US state of Massachusetts.
17:12 , 2024 Jun 15
Special Care Provided to Elderly, Sick Pilgrims in Mecca
IQNA – Sick and elderly pilgrims are receiving special assistance in Mecca as more than 1.5 million have arrived in the holy city to perform the Hajj pilgrimage set to begin on Friday.
13:05 , 2024 Jun 13
Ghanaian Pilgrim Happy to Get A Second Chance 10 Years after Missing Hajj
IQNA – A pilgrim from Ghana is getting a second chance to perform Hajj after he missed his previous chance due to illness ten years ago.
18:10 , 2024 Jun 12
Road Cooling Project Launched Near Mecca Mosque
IQNA – As the Hajj season approaches, a road cooling initiative has been implemented in an area near the holy city of Mecca to lower temperatures and cool the environment for pilgrims.
07:31 , 2024 Jun 05
Modern Mosque with Two Fiberglass Domes Planned in Cardiff
IQNA – Muslims in Cardiff, Wales, plan to build a new modern mosque with two domes made out of fiberglass
08:39 , 2024 Jun 02
100 Spanish Muslims to Go on Hajj for Free

IQNA – Based on a tradition that began four decades ago, this year, too, 100 Spanish Muslims will make the Hajj pilgrimage for free.
20:09 , 2024 May 29
Hajj Pilgrims Urged to Take Precautionary Measures against Heatstroke
IQNA – Pakistani pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia for Hajj have been urged to to take all-possible precautionary measures against heatstroke.
15:19 , 2024 May 29
London to Host Inaugural Muslim International Film Festival
IQNA – London is set to welcome the first-ever Muslim International Film Festival (MIFF), an event dedicated to showcasing the diverse experiences of Muslims through cinema.
09:18 , 2024 May 28
300 Tons of Zamzam Water Transported to Prophet’s Mosque Daily
IQNA – Transporting 300 tons of Zamzam water daily from its source in Mecca to the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina are among the measures taken to serve the pilgrims as the Hajj season approaches.
19:16 , 2024 May 28
S Korean Capital to Attract Muslim Travelers by Setting Up Halal Restaurants, Prayer Rooms
IQNA – There are plans for more halal restaurants and prayer rooms in the capital of South Korean as part of efforts to attract more Muslim tourists.
23:34 , 2024 May 16
Yemen Cultural Workshop Stresses High Status of Women in Quran   
IQNA – Speakers at a cultural workshop in Yemen discussed the status of women in the Holy Quran.
19:15 , 2024 May 27