Winners of 10th Iran-Oman Armed Forces Quran Contest Awarded

IQNA – The closing ceremony of the 10th edition of a Quran competition between the armed forces of Iran and Oman was held as winners received their awards.
Women in War-Torn Gaza Attend Quran Memorization Circles  
IQNA – The devastating war waged against the people of Gaza has not prevented women in the coastal enclave from taking part in Quranic activities.
20:09 , 2024 Jun 15
Hajj Quranic Circles Organized for Best Listeners: Iranian Qari
IQNA – A renowned Iranian qari said the Quranic circles held during the Hajj pilgrimage have the best listeners in the world.
08:39 , 2024 Jun 15
Quran Memorization Centers Active in Sudan despite Civil War
IQNA – Quran memorization centers have remained active in Sudan although the country is the scene of conflicts since a war erupted last year between the army and a rival paramilitary force.
22:19 , 2024 Jun 12
Dar-ol-Quran Center to Be Launched in Bosnia  
IQNA – A Dar-ol-Quran center is to be inaugurated during a ceremony in Bosnia and Herzegovina today, June 12.
21:03 , 2024 Jun 12
Iran Presidential Hopefuls to Announce Their Quranic Plans
IQNA – Candidates running for office the 14th presidential election of Iran will elaborate on their plans in the field of Quranic activities during their campaigns.
09:32 , 2024 Jun 10
Turkish President Honors Quran Memorizer at Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Mosque
IQNA – A ceremony was held at the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque in Istanbul to honor memorizers of the Holy Quran.
12:53 , 2024 Jun 09
Registration Deadline for Iran’s National Quran Contest Extended
IQNA – Iran’s Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization extended the deadline for registration for the country’s 47th National Holy Quran Competition.
10:05 , 2024 Jun 09
Hajj Pilgrims to Be Gifted Translated Copies of Quran  
IQNA – One million copies of the Holy Quran with translations in different languages will be distributed among pilgrims as gifts during the Hajj season this year.
07:48 , 2024 Jun 09
Winners of Qatar’s ‘Read, Rise and Recite' Quran Competition for Students Awarded
IQNA – The winners of the first edition of the ‘Read, Rise and Recite’ Quran competition for school student were honored in a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, on Friday.
12:36 , 2024 Jun 08
Sharm El Sheikh to Host 2nd Edition of Int’l Competition for Quranic Geniuses  
IQNA – The second edition of an international competition for Quranic geniuses will be held in Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh next month.
09:30 , 2024 Jun 06
Muscat Hosting Iran, Oman Armed Forces’ Quran Competition
IQNA – A Quran competition between the armed forces of Iran and Oman is underway in the Arab country’s capital of Muscat.
10:15 , 2024 Jun 05
65 Quranic Programs Held by Iran’s Noor Convoy Members in Mecca, Medina
IQNA – Members of the Iranian Quranic convoy, known as the Noor (light) convoy, have so far held 65 Quran recitation circles in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
20:17 , 2024 Jun 05