Unity Can Be Witnessed Everywhere at Hajj, Scholar Says

IQNA – Islamic Scholar Sheikh Dr. Yahya Jahangiri says unity is one of the most prominent features of the Hajj pilgrimage.
8 Essential Strategies to Prevent Heatstroke at Hajj
IQNA – In the peak of the Kingdom’s hottest season, millions of Muslims worldwide have converged on Mecca to perform the Hajj. This mass gathering raises concerns about potential challenges that may arise in the forthcoming days.
22:46 , 2024 Jun 09
Cleric Stresses Russian Muslims’ Support for Palestinian Cause
IQNA – A senior Russian cleric underscored the all-out support of the country’s Muslim community for the cause of Palestine.
10:12 , 2024 Jun 12
Campus Protesters ‘On Right Side of Histroy’: Thinker
IQNA – A Malaysian scholar says the campus protesters are on the “right side of the history,” noting that the Israeli propaganda has failed due to new generation’s awareness about Palestine.
05:35 , 2024 May 14
Health Tips for Hajj Pilgrims: How to Dodge the Common Cold
IQNA – A health expert has offered recommendations to ward off the common cold during the Hajj pilgrimage.
12:21 , 2024 Jun 05
Campus Protests ‘Puncturing Cloak of Silence’ over Palestine: UK Academic
IQNA – Student-led protests across the world are “puncturing the cloak of silence and wilful ignorance” over Gaza and Palestine, a UK lecturer says.
11:12 , 2024 May 12
‘Karamat Celebrations Opportunity to Deepen Understanding of Imamate’
IQNA – The custodian of the Imam Reza (AS) shrine says the 10-day Karamat celebrations provide an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the status of Imamate.
13:36 , 2024 May 12
Campus Protests Show World People Can No More Tolerate Genocide in Gaza: Academic
IQNA – A Malaysian professor says the eruption of protests in universities across the world shows that people can no longer tolerate the genocide that is unfolding in Gaza.
10:18 , 2024 May 11
‘Ineffable’: Qari Karim Mansouri Commends Peace Quran Brings to One's Life
IQNA – Prominent Iranian qari Karim Mansouri has hailed the peace that the Holy Quran brings into the lives of those who are guided by it.
10:55 , 2024 May 08
3 Mental Health Issues That Need to Be Addressed Before Hajj
IQNA – A psychiatrist points to three mental disorders that can disrupt the spiritual journey of Hajj, urging pilgrims to address them before the journey.
09:59 , 2024 May 06
Explainer: What We Know About Campus Protests Across US
IQNA – Universities across the United States, and now in several European countries, are witnessing encampment protests by students who demand divestment from the Israeli war machine.
12:01 , 2024 Apr 27
Imam Sadiq’s School Revived Islamic Teachings: Cleric
IQNA – An Islamic scholar says Imam Sadiq (AS) played a pivotal role in preserving Islam and reviving Islamic teachings through training students and guiding society in the right direction.
11:44 , 2024 May 04